Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience with
my exceptional fine food catering and dining services.
The three dishes presented below serve as
an illustration of the high standard of preparation and
presentation that you can anticipate.


Pan-seared scallops from Hitra Island, served with raw shrimp,
turnip, and truffle seaweed "caviar".
Caramelized onion and onion cream.
Heart scallop sauce made with "Vin Jaune" wine.

Main Course

Lamb Terrine from the monastery farm, with morels, chanterelles, and aromatics,
served with lamb jus, lemon thyme, shallots, and enoki mushrooms.


Coffee ice cream with Fjordling chantilly,
chocolate cremaux made with 'Manjari' chocolate,
hazelnut biscuits, puffed barley, and poached Celina pear.
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